I am passionate and motivated to give you the best medical media in demand. Whether you are looking to wow your audience with attention to detail, or keep it simple, I am determined to help your art project reach its intended purpose.

Medical illustration is 90% understanding the science, and 10% putting it on paper.

I have the knowledge and expertise to understand complex medicine and science. I can visualize the heart from a strange angle, and not just from the anterior view. A medical illustrator is set apart from an illustrator by his or her ability to draw a medical concept or relationship that does not yet exist on paper. Copying an existing reference of medical art is easy. You can find someone to recreate an image for you at little or no cost. If you need someone to take an existing reference, analyze it, study it, and determine if it is the best possible way to visualize an idea or find a better, more accurate way to communicate it; that's when you need a medical illustrator.