I offer my expertise in illustration and design in the following areas: anatomy, medicine, surgery, biology, and microbiology. Whether you needs are for print, web, or e-publishing, I can help detemine which type of artwork is best suited for your project.

Creative direction is also available for early stages of art development. Storyboarding animation, visual notetaking, and mockup designs.


Custom high end illustrations

Unique Design

Eye-popping visuals, creative layout


Labeled and exported for your needs



Whether just one, or a few hundred, illustrations are my expertise. I pride myself with producing accurate, detailed, and beautiful illustrations. All work is done digitally on Adobe Photoshop. I have a few style options, from sketch-like, to airbrush, to crisp & clean. All traditional methods can be simulated digitally, even watercolor.


I love creative freedom. If you need more that just a drawing, I am here to help guide your creative vision. From chart design, book covers, branding, web or app design, logos, brochure mockups, I could help make the whole project come together.

Art Direction

Art direction is available for an ongoing project or as a consultant. Does your team have all the brains but lack creative juices? Do you need help just getting started? Let me help with ideas, visual note taking, or on-site story boarding.

Project Management

Is your project big, really big? I've led a team of illustrators on large scale art programs, including 1000+ image publications. I can take care of file management as well. I can help assemble of team of illustrators for you, or work with your preferred vendors.